Avenue saves money for your clients.

Less time on the market can save a seller from the staggering loss of a price reduction. For example, a price reduction of 5-10% with a median selling price of $500,000 equates to $25,000-$50,000. Avenue is the most direct way to keep this money in your client’s pocket.

Avenue increases your profit margin.

Staging is a small investment compared to the return it brings. At 3% commission, you'll make $1,125.00 more. When you sell 2-4 homes per month, you'll make $2,250-$4,500 more...that adds up to $27,000-$54,000 more per year!  

Read what others are saying:

I cannot tell you how appreciative I am of what you did...we have a ratified contract
and had eight offers in one weekend! I am grateful that you worked with me
in an unconventional way, incorporating my design ideas and being
sensitive to my budgetary needs.
— Shannon B.